Christmas in August?

At a crossroads in life, the path is never certain. Which do I take – the path that is trimmed and ready for people to walk on, or the one less traveled full of the unknown? 

Personally, I love predictability. I like to know what’s happening next week and what is going to happen later today. I like schedules, and routines.

But recently, I’m finding myself in a sea of unknown circumstances. I know where my life is heading (somewhat) but the biggest question left to answer is what I will do after graduation. Will I continue to graduate school, or begin working a ‘big kid job’?

I want to work for a non-profit organization and I want to work within the community. I want to work for an organization that is involved in the betterment of the community they are located in and I want to help those people who everyone else has forgotten to achieve happiness and life. The only question is how.


Last night, I found myself reciting the Christmas Story (yes in the middle of August) but what stuck with me was two words that are found in various phrases through our the Bible about 365 times  “Fear Not”.

These two simple words should be easy to follow, right? 


I find myself fearing tomorrow, tonight’s work shift, this semester, the test next week, and just about something new every day. I fear about how I will pay for my wedding next year, and now I am going to afford my rent in the upcoming months. I fear how  I will find a job when I graduate and the most important one of all to me, I fear that I am not living up to what God has for me in this life. 



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