It’s been awhile…

It’s been a while since my last post.
(Yes, I am aware I just posted one. It was from November that I forgot to post.)

There has been a lot to happen since my last post in November.

I left a job; started another.
I was able to celebrate a beautiful engagement with two of my best friends.



(Pssstttt, That’s their rings.) (And my photography)

We mourned the death of the precious Shiloh. We had to have him put down. He did not suffer, he was just simply old. It was the hardest decision my boyfriend ever had to make. What’s worse than putting a childhood best friend down? My inability to be there. I was working.

We celebrated a wedding with two beautiful people. It was a blessing and absolutely gorgeous ceremony.


We celebrated Christmas and the amazing gift that was given to us in the form of Jesus.
I went to Canada with my boyfriend….and came back with my Fiancé.


Yes, this is him proposing to me, in real time, caught on camera.
And here is the story.

The day began like any other that we had had in Canada. We went tubbing down this awesome hill about an hour north of where we were staying with this dad and stepmom. We spent the entire day going down this hill and laughing with everyone that was there. When we got back to the house, I was ushered outside to help walk Jack, their family dog. (All I wanted to do was shower. Good thing I didn’t get my way!)

We were walking around and throwing snowballs at Jack to catch in his mouth while his dad was taking pictures of us. I was being teased because I was not smiling as widely as I should have been. (I just wanted to shower.) Andrés looked at me, and asked “Do you want me to make you smile?” I started panicking saying no. (Last year when he said this, he tackled me into the snow. I was justified!) Then, he preceded to get on one knee. I whispered to him “Ask me” because I really wanted to hear the question. So he asked, and I said YES!

So, there’s the story. It’s a beautiful, amazing, blessing that I have been given.

IMG_2136 IMG_2130

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