How many people have been preached to their entire life that if you do not attend college, you will get no where?

I know I was, up until I was found to be dyslexic.

I was young when my teachers pulled my parents aside and explained to them that I was not in the same levels as my peers and that the school wanted to test me for every disorder in the book until they figure out which one fit me. I have learning disabilities. From that point forth, my teachers, my parents, and my peers knew I was different. I was taken out of the regular class room and put into a specialized one for kids like me. We had two teachers for about eight kids. The eight of us had learning disabilities across the board stemming from the inability to understand what they were reading, to my own inability to understand letters and numbers.

These days were not easy days. It was not until i learned what the world of books could offer me. I began reading the Harry Potter series when I was in 4th grade. By the time my yearly meeting came around, my teachers were talking about removing me from the reading class I was in and placing me back with my peers. It wasn’t until 6th grade that that occurred.

However, I was to be kept in my special education classes for English, and was actually put in one for math. But that was okay, math stinks anyway.

So, high school rolled around. I was reading and writing on a college level, or so that’s what the tests said. I was determined to get out of the special education classes by this time too. I did not want to be ‘that girl’ in high school who was still in special education classes and unable to graduate with a college prep diploma. My high school still placed me into a lower level reading class. I was furious.

My parents talked to the school officials and had me removed from the lower level class into a college introductory class. I lost the fight against math.

I was told my a teacher in high school I would never go to college.

Well, this post is to prove them wrong.
And this is not the direction I had intended for this post to go. Go figure.

I have EIGHT credits left until I graduate. I will be graduating in a year from now, if all goes well. I will have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  I do not know how to handle this information.

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