I’ve said I have had many experiences in my twenty-two years.
Here is the first to share and the lesson to follow.

Who you see now is not who I have always been. I have not always had this incredible life that I lead today. I have had my fair share of bad relationships and short comings. I have had struggles and disappointments like everyone else. In my opinion, those struggles and disappointments create gateways for lessons and encouragement.

I started dating Andres in July of last year. (2012) Shortly after we began our relationship, he was offered a Lighting Director position at the church we now attend together. By the time Christmas rolled around, he was more than able to create an astonishing Sunday show for worship.

That’s not the point of this though.

Our church hosted a Newsong concert event which was on tour in Georgia. This is where I first heard this song. I was blessed enough to hear this live also.

ImagePhoto by Kaitlyn

Jonny Diaz is a Contemporary Christian music artist and, in one song, he changed everything I thought about myself and how I looked at my self. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that if I would have heard this song back when I was 14, I would be a completely different person today.

The world today, in everything we love and hate about it, could really use more artists and more music like this. This song tells young girls that they do not have to be the ‘American Barbie’ or this think, blonde girl who has to play dumb to get any attention from the opposite gender. It’s not okay that this generation who is growing up in the high schools across the nation who are depressed or have low self esteem.

It’s not okay. 

What this song did for me was something that I will fail at describing to someone who has never had this self-realization that I had on that day right before Christmas.

I’m not the skinniest girl out there. I am not perfect and I have never been perfect. I have made mistakes and I have hated myself for the way I look or act from time to time because I am not blonde, because I am not 100 pounds at twenty-two years old. (Try more like 150 lbs) I can remember asking God why I was not made to be a popular, gorgeous girl, and why I was always the sporty girl. Why wasn’t I like everyone else?

But I am exactly WHAT I am supposed to be. I am who I am meant to be. Through the mistakes I have made, and the struggles I have had, I have made it to this beautiful time in my life. The hardships and struggles and this song has made me realize my real value. Not the value society sees, but God’s value within me.

I have been through what I have been through to HELP others get through what they are going through.

I have been made to fulfill a greater purpose than I could ever even imagine, and I am still on my path to where I need to be in order to glorify God.  He has blessed me with struggles that test me to remind me how awesome He is and how incredible His plan for my life is.

He has placed the people in my life throughout time to give me some of the best, and worse memories that a person could ever have so that when it happens to someone else, I can witness and help those people.

This song gives me hope.
This song creates an astonishing amount of accountability within my heart to serve my friends and strangers with the information and life experiences I have been blessed with.

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